Types of glass

To protect your framed work against dust, moist and damaging UV radiation, different kinds of glass are being used. there are many different kinds of glass, from preserving, non reflecting and waterwhite glass.
There is also glazing wich provides multiple aspects, for example non reflective an UV coated.
We can help you with your dissicion, to take either this or that glass. 

Below are some types of glass being used at Quick Lijsten.

Float Glas Water White A clear, non greenish, normal reflective glazing. Used most commenly.

TRUE COLOR Water White / Museumglas A non reflective glass, reached by multiple coatings. 70% UV control.

CLEAR COLOR Water White UV92% / Museumglas 92% Conserving and anti reflective. This type is the rolls-royce of glazing.

Do you have an artwork with broken glass, or just want to get rid of that nasty reflection,
Please step right in, at the Ceintuurbaan 200, Amsterdam.